The Change Of Mortgage Lead Generation

Let me start by saying the mortgage industry has changed a bit since I owned my company. Things are done a little different, processes have changed, but lead generation has kind of stayed the same with the exception of social media added to the mix. I remember doing mailers, Online Leads from Lending Tree, Referrals from friends and family, and referrals from Realtors. Looking back I can say that I spent a lot of money on lead generation, some good and some not so good but the best quality lead that me and my team of loan officers received we the referrals. The referrals from friends and family and the referrals from Realtors seemed to be really good leads. Leads that were ready to get the pre-qualification process started. Some wanted to buy asap and some were looking at a few months down the road, but at least I knew they were ready. When it came to the internet leads or leads from mailers or even print media, we always had time nailing them down or even getting in touch with them. Seems like it took 50-70 of these leads to produce a quality lead that was ready to go. With that said lots of these type leads needed some sort of credit help or credit building before they were ready but at least these leads filled the pipeline for closings for a later date. I was doing some think about this topic about 6-7 months ago and came up with an idea that me and my parter implemented. We are still aways from launching but are super excited about sharing this first with the Mortgage Industry. We feel we have bridged the gap in a huge way from low quality leads and high quality referral, ready to go leads. Make sure you check back soon for an update on this process we are working on as we are looking forward to sharing this with you soon.

Lehman Hailey